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A week in house

Posted in Liffey Trust Studios by Faun on 29 Jan 2018.

Last week we saw Marty Morrissey disappointed with his 2 points from Bryan on DWTS 2018. However the audience has since put that right. Marty has worked extremely hard this week!!! 

Dancing is about connecting the brain, feet, body and music. Its not about the technicality of individual movements. Whether or not we see 5 or 7 steps in a tango performance is totally irrelevant. The public is looking for a fun and entertaining performance. What do you think?

                                          Picture taken by Evoke.ie

We held Salsa dancing on Saturday night in The Green Room Bar. Which was hosted by Salsa Dublin. A great night was had by all who attended. See links above for more information. 

On Thursday we had a wine tasting night. The guys at Yourwine.ie are such experts on Spanish wines. It almost makes us embarrassed with lack of knowledge. Also we hosted our Polish Women in Business Ladies night, attended by the brightest Polish women living in Ireland. Click here to view event.

Jim Jefferies pre/after-show party was also held in our Green Room Tuesday January 23rd. The general comments from fans were positive. Everyone who attended seemed to have a fantastic night. We will be hosting 2018 Unibet Premier League Darts Thursday February 1st

  Image result for 2018 Unibet Premier League Darts dublin

This week DWTS rehearsals are getting more intense as the competition progresses. We love to see them unwinding after a vigorous day in The Green Room Bar.

Routine dance classes went well throughout the week. We also heard U2 will be back playing Dublin's 3 Arena on Thursday , November 12th 2018. Another pre/after show party to look forward to. 

Back to DWTS 2018 would somebody like to mark the judges out of 10? Lets have your views...

Our 9 studios have never been so busy its great to see people dancing/performing and hosting events, of course The Liffey Trust Studios are the best in Europe.   

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