Bryan Kest Power Yoga -

Bryan Kest Power Yoga

Posted in Masterclass by Michelle on 18 Jul 2019.

We were thrilled to welcome Bryan Kest to The Liffey Trust Studios for his famous POWER YOGA Masterclass.

The Power Yoga Workshop took place on July 8th and was an amazing 3 hours of breathing, moving and meditating together, individually and as a collective

Kest, the Iconic Yoga Teacher hosts a truly multi-dynamic experience. A confluence of movements combining a balanced sequence with all elements of physical exercise, mindfulness, moderation and meditation.

Based in LA he has taught for over 30 years, to jam packed classes of devotees of his truly, unique, refreshing sometimes irreverent but always truthful style. His workshops are aimed for anyone no matter your experience. All decades, all levels, all abilities and all backgrounds. 

This was Kest's second time hosting a Workshop with us, both as successful as each other. 

We look forward to his return in the future.


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