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Personal Development Coaching

Posted in Masterclass by Faun on 23 Aug 2018.

Looking to discover your direction in life, want to set goals and put systems in place to achieve them? Or, do you want to work out and maximise your results by setting yourself up with a powerful mindset?

Get in touch with Cinneadh to talk about booking a session. Founder Alex Hanley will help you unlock your true potential. 

Alex has experienced his own light bulb moments after doing a deep dive into discovering who he really was. It has had a profound effect on how he lives his life today. 'I know that from learning about myself and who I am, that I have been able to lead a more fulfilling, more rewarding and more purposeful life'.

                      Recent session at The Liffey Trust Studios

Cinneadh believe that everyone has the capacity for greatness. Hanley believes that greatness looks different to everyone and achieving it will not be the same for each individual. The coaching process is an incredible tool for self-development and self-discovery and when it’s used to its full potential, it enables you to reach yours.

How does this work?

Learning to understand who we are as people, what motivates us, what drives us and what is important to us! We are able to control how we interact with the world and ourselves. This enables us to make better, clearer and more informed choices about our lives and how we process experience and the world around us.

Through the use of one on one interactions with a coach in a judgement free environment of trust and openness, we can start to discover who you are, who you truly are, and explore the best options on how to move forward and enable your success and fulfillment.

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