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Riverdance International Summer School

Posted in Masterclass by Michelle on 21 Aug 2019.

We were delighted to host Riverdance International Summer School here at the Liffey Trust Studios.

The summer school was a two week intensive dance instruction programme running from 29th July until 9th August 2019. The summer school saw 113 students attending from all over the world each week, excited to be dancing alongside their idols. 

The aspiring young dancers joined the professional cast in breaking down the complicated moves of their famous Irish dance routines. The students arent just learning the moves and improving technique, they are also auditioning for the show.

Since its inception in 2015, the school has sent 33 former students on to become part of the Riverdance show. At the end of each week, a selection of students will perform with the professional cast in the Saturday matinee show at the Gaiety Theatre.

Teamwork and togetherness are the prominent themes throughout the week, as the dancers learn to perform the intricate choreography in unison.

“It’s great for us as well,” said Ellen Bonner, dance captain at the school and lead dancer in the show. “They’re obviously inspired by us, but we get so inspired by them. Just seeing their work ethic and how passionate they are about it. It just makes us really appreciate our job and how lucky we are to get to do it every day and perform it every night for audiences all over the world.”


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