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West African Dance

Posted in Dance Classes by Faun on 17 Aug 2017.

Traditional dances from the Mandé region of West Africa are some of the most popular African dances studied outside of Africa. The dances accompany specific drumming rhythms; each rhythm has a particular set of steps, with a lot of room for improvisation and solo dance moves. Dances accompany events such as planting and harvest celebrations, naming ceremonies and marriages to name a few.

The workshop will be taught by Nene Mansaré from Guinea, West Africa. Nene has been studying traditional dance since an early age with some of Guinea's most revered teachers. Since moving to Ireland she has taught multiple workshops around the country. She is the lead singer and dancer with African percussion group Fakoli and festival favorites Manden Express.

Live drumming with members of Fakoli. Click here and view event page on Facebook.

Date: 20th August 2017

Venue: The Liffey Trust Studios, 117-126 Upper Sheriff Street.

Time: 12 noon - 3pm

Cost: €30